Top 5 Most Mind Blowing Fitness Feats

If you want to feel inadequate about your levels of fitness, strength or overall athletic ability, read on! In all seriousness, the people who completed these amazing feats are really just freak athletes that were able to combine their freak genetics with years of hard work to achieve a spectacular finished product. While some of the feats are acts of just pure strength, others showcase outstanding dexterity and agility, plus mental resilience to break through the barriers of what was believed to be impossible.

1.Pulling a Boeing 767 Airplane



Just like it sounds, pulling a massive plan is not very easy at all. Over the years, only a handful of people in the world have successfully managed the feat. In 2008, Mark Kirsch set the world record for the heaviest plane pull in history. The Boeing 767 that he pulled weighed a massive 205,000 pounds.