Top 10 Fitness Holidays— Awesome Ways to Get in Shape

Lying on the beach in a tropical paradise with a piña colada is what most men would describe as a dream vacation.

Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with the good old mixture of daytime laziness and all-night partying, you may want to experience a different type of recharge—the one that won’t give you a hangover, for instance.

Here are 10 energizing holiday alternatives, all of which you are guaranteed to return fitter than when you left.

10. Spa Trip

At first glance, a spa holiday may appear as something more suitable for senior citizens suffering from arthritis than the average bloke who is looking to get ripped.

Still, this shouldn’t alarm you: there are plenty of guy-friendly spas that have a lot to offer—from the healing powers of massages and skin treatments, to spending time in amazing places you otherwise would not have visited.


Fonteverde Spa, Tuscany, Italy