8 Essential Tips for a Successful One-Night Stand

As a single guy (or not), nothing beats the thrill of a one-night stand. Also, it often becomes a “badge of honour” between mates. But finding the right lady and charming her back home that very night is rife with challenges.

Sadly, it’s almost never as simple as “hey, do you want to go home with me?”. In fact, it’s likely to get you a slap in the face if she thinks your serious!

To get you on the right track and boost your chances by as much as 50%, here are 8 essential tips for pulling a perfect one-night stand!

1. Get Your Logistics in Order

Forward planning will make this mission far easier. You need to have a solid plan or transport options to and from your venue.

The closer you are to the given location, the smoother the transition back to your place can be. You need to make it as easy, casual and natural as possible. If you can walk back to yours, the odds will greatly stack in your favor.