8 Must Have Gadgets for the Modern Gentlemen

As soon as we get our hands on a new gadget, we cannot recall how we ever got by without them. With imagination and technology continually pushing forward, there are always exciting gadgets entering the market.

Here are 8 of our top choices for the 2016 modern gentlemen. However, we accept no reasonability credit usage after finishing this slideshow!

1.  Sennheiser Momentum – Wireless Headphones


Every man needs a pair of quality headphones in his life. Sennheiser never fails to disappoint and their Momentum headphones are literally ear-blowing! They are beautifully comfortable, produce exceptional sounds and built with a subtle masculine design.

Kissing goodbye to wires does not mean sacrificing sound quality, the Bluetooth 4.0 is crystal clear. When it comes to charging time, do you think you can cope with 22 hours from a single charge?

Just under $500 from Sennheiser