10 Deadliest Martial Arts From around the World

Unique forms of martial arts can be found in all corners of the globe, each discipline rich in history, culture and tradition. Many of these incredible fighting systems have been refined and passed down through generations for hundreds of years.

Learning martial arts today is great for self-defense, physical health, and mental discipline. Continue reading as we pay tribute to 10 most deadly martial arts, from all around the world.

1. Muay Thai Kickboxing


Image Source: Pinterest

A famous fighting style from Thailand, “art of the eight limbs.” Kickboxers focus on punches and kicks (4 limbs), as well as knees and elbows (4 more limbs) to deal massive, fast-paced damage to opponents.

In kickboxing, every inch of your appendage is wielded as a weapon. They also train their bodies to become desensitized to pain.

A common practice is rolling a baseball bat on the shins with considerable pressure. After years of this training, the shins get stronger and thicker. Veteran kickboxers can kick straight through a baseball bat and hardly feel a thing.